Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The keyboard is smoking from how fast I'm writing this letter (not really, I type like a chicken and I use CAPS lock instead of Shift key).

Where to begin?

It was rough leaving the MTC. Lots of emotional goodbyes. I'm really going to miss everyone.

The mission president, President Cabezas (Yes that is head in Spanish), and his assistants picked us up from the airport. First thoughts of Bolivia; its a lot like Louisiana, just more extreme. It is insanely hot and humid. If something gets wet, it doesn't dry out for a couple hours. Toyotas are very common, especially Tacoma’s. Makes me miss my truck :´) Its pretty poor and dirty. Lots of garbage everywhere. But its so beautiful. Lots of green and the sky is amazing. Weather can change in a second, we've been caught in a couple storms. ​

The people down here are so kind and giving. They don't have much but they'll give it all. Elder Silva and I eat lunch with a member family, the Justinianos. They have two girls, Vicki (4) and Maria-Daniella (11). Vicki laughs and tells me jokes. Maria helps me with my Spanish while I teach her English.

Food here is great. Saltenas are amazing!! Lots of rice and chicken still. I've had a ton of different types of potatoes, yuca is my favorite. FYI. donkey doesn't taste too bad when cooked right.​

​Papa Johns and Subway are extremely popular down here, everybody craves them. Coca Cola is all over the fricking place. People drink more soda than water haha (tap water isn't safe).

My first companion in the field is Elder Silva, from Santiago, Chile! The only English he knows is "What's popping cuz?" hahaha. We are serving in Santa Cruz, Universitario.  Spanish here is hard to understand at times. They don't pronounce their S's or D's all the time. For example, nosotros, is nosotro. Doesn't seem like a big difference but when you're a Gringo still learning Spanish, it throws you off quite a bit. A lot of my area has Brazilians so I've been learning Portuguese too (just phrases tho)

Sorry if I didn't get to reply to everyone this week. Thank you so much for the letters and updates.

Con amor,

Elder McClune

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