Thursday, November 3, 2016

First week in the MTC

Elder McClune did not have time write much this week, but he seems to be doing well! This is the brief part of what he shared:

"Hey I have to make this short we only have an hour. I have made a lot of friends here and everything is going fairly well.  I've really had to humble myself here.  My Spanish is really good, or at least I think so.  I can understand almost everything, I just have trouble replying sometimes.  The spirit is so strong and I know that I have used the gift of tongues here.  Food is good, I haven't been as picky and I've tried a lot of new stuff.  I LOVE Spanish is coming along well, love the people here"

Love and talk to you soon!!

Elder McClune

Other than that, we got a lot of great pictures!

Elder McClune's drawing he made at the airport

Elder McClune and his companion, Elder Beck

Turf burn from soccer

Elder Lund's tie, he got lots of compliments!

In class

Elder McClune's District!

He promised to give more detail next week, stay tuned!!!

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